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At GOSAN, we have extensive experience as manufacturers of mechanical components for lifting, hoisting, transport and storage machinery. Our commitment lies in offering solutions that best suit the needs of our clients, with the highest levels of quality and safety. 

In terms of couplings, we develop components for practically all sectors related to lifting, hoisting and transport. We are specialised in environments with high liability, such as machinery for mining, cranes for ports and shipyards, as well as offshore and marine applications.  


AGBS couplings for crane hoisting gear

AGBS barrel couplings for drums designed by GOSAN join the wire drum and the output shaft of the gearbox and are used in crane hoisting gear. These couplings, consisting of a sleeve and a hub, are fitted with semi-circular cogs, with a series of cylindrical hardened steel barrels sandwiched into the cog housings. 

When the output shaft of the gearbox is rigidly fixed to the drum, it is difficult to obtain perfect alignment and levelling in assembly. The barrel couplings for drums are designed to offset misalignments and avoid high bending moments. They are also designed to absorb axial displacement, through a self-aligning bearing on the other end of the drum shaft.

These barrel couplings allow the hub to oscillate with respect to the sleeve, offsetting angular misalignments of ±1º30’, and axial displacements from ±3mm up to ±8mm to be absorbed.




Curved tooth couplings to increase durability

Flexible couplings are used to connect revolving shafts. Although attention is not usually given to these connections, use of curved tooth couplings offers important advantages in terms of increasing the useful life of the machinery.  

Our AGH 10 couplings with brake disk or brake pulley, AGH 11 and AGH 12 models are based on the AGMA standards and are flexible couplings, but they lack torsional elasticity. They transmit torque from the drive shaft to the driven shaft, offset misalignments and absorb the axial movements of the coupled shafts. Therefore, use of tooth couplings is essential, not only because of their quality but also for their price.


Benefits of GOSAN’s flexible couplings

Modifications in the alignment of shafts may be caused by thermal expansion, settling in the foundations, frame deformation, displacement of the receptor shaft or vibrations. 

The curved tooth couplings designed and manufactured by GOSAN fulfil the following functions:

- Offset any misalignments between the shafts without causing abnormal stress in the coupled equipment and without any appreciable power loss.

- Transmit torque from one shaft to another without any speed variation.

- Offset axial movements in the coupled shafts, ensuring that neither exerts pressure on the other and enabling each one to revolve in its normal axial position.

Their design also offers many advantages, such as:

- Robustness: thanks to being made entirely out of steel.

- Durability: without any elastic elements that are susceptible to wear. 

- Power and speed: although small in dimension, they can transmit heavy forces at high rotational speeds.


Uses for GOSAN couplings

These components are used in a wide range of industrial sectors related to lifting, hoisting, transport and storage, particularly in the most demanding environments. Couplings designed and made by GOSAN offer results in terms of power, speed and safety and are suitable for:

- Continuous and heavy-duty service in cranes for industry, mining machinery, cranes at ports and shipyards, and offshore and marine applications (mines, steelworks, oil tankers and bulk carriers).

- Feed pumps at power stations, centrifugal compressors and turbines, aviation test benches...

- Gantry cranes for steelworks, lifts or escalators for mines and aircraft carriers and rolling stock for transport. 


Our guarantee is based on 50 years of experience and international presence. 

At GOSAN, we have become the European leaders in the development of solutions for lifting, hoisting and transport machinery. We are committed to absolute client orientation with a highly qualified team and a strategy of continuous improvement of our processes and products, thanks to an internal R&D&I department.

In this way, we offer our clients products to suit their needs, along with personalised guidance to obtain the best solution in accordance with each project. 


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