Competitive advantages and benefits of GOSAN as an industrial hook block supplier

At GOSAN, we offer construction solutions that are adapted to the needs of our customers. We design, manufacture and distribute industrial blocks using the latest state-of-the-art technology covering most hoists on the market. As partners, our main advantages are based on high quality standards, flexibility to offer tailor-made solutions at competitive prices and the extensive know-how of our engineering team, which has made us an international benchmark.

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As an industrial hook block supplier, we design and manufacture solutions for different applications and work groups, including standard hoist solutions, motorised block options, special designs and the option to carry out analyses and specific standardisation studies for our customers. 

Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing mechanical components, our highly qualified team and our focus on technological innovation, with our own R&D&I department, allow us to offer a number of competitive advantages.


Tailor-made manufacturing of industrial hook blocks

At GOSAN, we design and manufacture the product according to the needs of each customer. This work approach allows us to offer construction solutions that are fully adapted to the technical requirements of the project, thereby providing an optimum solution for load specifications, dimensional requirements and product configuration. 

Our engineering team, which has extensive proven experience, also offers an advisory service for product design, to help our customers find the solution that best suits the needs of their projects. 

Specific, technically advanced designs

The blocks developed by GOSAN meet the latest technical requirements and the FEM 1001 and DIN 15020 standards. Our designs are application-specific, without over-sizing the product or becoming bogged down in excessive standardisation

Thanks to the know-how of our team and the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the manufacturing processes, we are able to produce more lightweight blocks that are dimensionally adapted to the customer's requirements. 

At GOSAN, we design and manufacture hook blocks for sheaves of different diameters, with and without hooks, with rotating eyebolts or other systems adapted to each project. The types of blocks we manufacture include:

- Single or double load hook suspensions for cranes.

- 1 or 2 sheave hoist blocks.

- 2, 4, 6 and 8 sheave hook block and tackle.

- Specific products for the offshore, mobile crane and industrial sectors.

We are able to offer tailor-made products of the highest quality at competitive prices by developing more lightweight blocks dimensionally adapted to customer requirements. In addition, we are direct component suppliers without intermediaries, which allows us to reduce costs while ensuring the quality of our products.

Highest levels of proven safety and quality

At GOSAN, product safety and quality are absolute priorities. Our blocks are subjected to rigorous quality controls during the manufacturing process, including destructive and non-destructive testing. 

The solutions we offer are designed with the target working groups in mind, based on the number of operating hours and load spectrum, and all materials strictly comply with the established standards for tensile and yield strength. This means that GOSAN blocks offer safety levels that are higher than those required by the FEM standards in all cases.

The hook, cross-axle and nut dimensions are DIN 15411 compliant. The hooks, which are DIN 15401 and DIN 15402 compliant, are made of forged steel and all are fitted with a safety latch to prevent the sling from slipping out. On request, they can be made in alloy steels and also include an anti-rotation system with an easy manual interlocking system to keep the hook steady. 

As a supplier of industrial hook blocks, our guarantees in terms of quality and safety are based on extensive knowledge and strict application of the regulations for each sector, the provision of full quality documentation at the customer's request and proven international renown.

Internationally recognised expertise

As a company specialising in mechanical components, at GOSAN we design, manufacture, verify and distribute our hook blocks directly without intermediaries. This allows us to have full knowledge from the offer phase to the final delivery of the product. Throughout our 50 years of activity, we have become a worldwide benchmark partner, present in more than 70 countries.

At GOSAN we are experts in mechanical components for lifting, transport and storage machinery in the main sectors of activity. This includes developing specific offshore projects, thanks to our experience in the North Sea and later in the rest of the world, in ports, mining and heavy industry, mobile cranes and construction.

Our design and production processes are based on constantly optimising and innovating our construction solutions thanks to our in-house R&D&I department. This allows us to manufacture competitive products adapted to the characteristics of each project, even in the most demanding environments, while remaining fully customer-oriented.

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