As experts in the design and manufacture of mechanical components, GOSAN has extensive experience in the development of sheaves for lifting, transport and storage machinery. Our main values are our total customer orientation, highly qualified professionals and the use of cutting-edge technology through our own R&D and Innovation department. There are many competitive advantages that have made us a leading international supplier.


Customized manufacture of sheaves with absolute design flexibility

 At GOSAN, we offer different construction solutions that are fully adapted to the requirements of each customer. Our work is based on customized design and tailor-made manufacturing, which enables us to supply optimised sheaves in accordance with the technical requirements of each specific project.

As suppliers, our products are adapted to load characteristics and dimensional requirements as well as the assembly of bearings. Furthermore, the customer is able to select the colour, add its marking and traceability, strapping and handling boreholes, among other configurations.

Our customized design and manufacturing process offers cost savings in both short and long series, enabling full product customisation in the shortest lead times.


Own technology for sheave manufacturing

The development of our own technology makes it possible to optimise design in accordance with the intended use, so we offer diverse types of sheaves. Our models enable the weight to be reduced, withstanding increased workloads and medium-high cable tilt angles. Thanks to their configuration, we achieve a better stress distribution.

Our C Model reduces weight, thus withstanding increased workloads and tolerating medium-high cable tilt angles. Thanks to their configuration, the sheave has a better stress distribution.

Our central flange sheave is especially designed for use with a cable tilt angle of less than 3º and a high load capacity.  

They all have a standard groove hardness of 250 HB and may exceed 600 HB with our carburisation process.

We adapt our products to the recommendations of cable manufacturers and customers in terms of the radius, groove angle, vaulting and warping dimensional tolerances, among other specifications. Furthermore, we supply sheaves with all types of bearing configurations, including rollers, balls, seals, bushings and covers.


Optimum quality in welding processes

At GOSAN, welding is a key process for the manufacture of sheaves. Since 2006, we have been ISO 3834 certified, with a team of experienced welding engineers and staff qualified in welding procedures and non-destructive testing, in accordance with ASNT, AWS and ISO international standards.

We work with diverse technology and research centres to obtain full control of our welding, in accordance with the welding parameters. This enables us to offer the required accuracy and repeatability in such demanding areas as those we supply.

Our welding processes have many advantages over other procedures. The benefits focus on greater penetration, stronger joints, high welding and deposition speeds, uniform heat input and repeatability in performance, always in accordance with the welding parameters.


Own technology backed by internal R&D&I

Our R&D and Innovation department studies the performance of the materials and welding against fatigue, overloads, corrosion and other determining factors in the product’s technical quality. This enables us to constantly evolve to optimise the design and manufacturing processes, with the subsequent advantage in terms of lead time and costs for customers, whilst maintaining our commitment to product quality at all times.

Over the years, our internal research and development team has adopted continuous improvements in the calculation methods, design of our own machinery and innovations to bestow absolute safety, reliability and optimum quality on our products.


Extensive experience on the international market

At GOSAN, we have been designing and manufacturing high quality mechanical components for more than 50 years, which has led to our international consolidation as a benchmark global partner, with production in excess of 35,000 sheaves a year.

Today, we are present in more than 70 countries and have consolidated relations with our customers, suppliers and third parties. Added to our internal know-how, this extensive international experience helps us establish external partnerships to resolve any challenge in the most efficient way.

As a customer-oriented company, we believe that they are our main competitive advantage. Thanks to our expertise, accumulated experience and continuous improvement efforts, we have achieved a special synergy that sets us apart as a solid alternative for the international market in terms of quality and design flexibility.


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